Sneeze Guards

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  • Office & Workplace
  • Retail
  • Restaurants
  • Schools
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Quality & Cost Effective

From our optimized, fully-stocked facility as a national sign manufacturer, we efficiently and affordably produce safety barriers for a wide variety of customer transaction points and provide cost-effective alternatives to traditional cubicle extensions. Our sneeze guard solutions are:

  • Made of durable, optically clear polycarbonate
  • Optimally designed for function & simple setup
  • Machine cut for consistency
  • Finished with safe, non-abrasive edges
business sneeze guard

Multiple Sizes & Configurations

What safety barrier solutions will work best in your space? Image National offers prefabricated designs to fit standard office cubicles, desks, counters and check stands. Or we can design and manufacture custom-fit options suited for almost any space.

All we need is a measurement and image of the environment, and we can design and provide the optimal size, style and specifications of protective barriers for an overall safer space.

Easy Setup or Install

Every sneeze guard or safety partition comes ready-to-use or install within minutes. Our install guide will provide set up basics for permanent or portable options, including:

  • Freestanding partitions: Moveable panels that can be placed on any flat surface, such as desks, tables, floors, and countertops.
  • Extension panels: Slide on panels to extend
    office cubicles, walls, and desk areas.
  • Anchored or mounted sneeze guards: Permanent or semi-permanent dividers fastened to virtually any surface. Perfect for check stands, desks, and reception areas.
Installing sneeze guard
Image National employee

Expert Service & Guidance

Experts in the field, we’ll guide you to the most cost-effective, highest-quality sneeze guard solutions for your office or retail space. We’re committed to providing your business, your customers, and your staff the safest environment possible.

Call 208-345-4020 now to order your custom sneeze guards and safety partitions.

Or give us a few details regarding your needs and one of our experts will reach out to provide a quote.